Council of the Future

Alvin Toffler published Future Shock in 1970. I'm convinced we were not ready for this book until much more recently however, as the infamous "accelerative thrust" to which he frequently refers has become hyper-driven by the advent of the internet.

Let's begin with an introductory quote from Future Shock's "The New Educational Revolution":

Taking quotes regarding education out of the immense context of Future Shock may very well not have the impact I hope. This, perhaps, may only be remedied by the reader reading the whole book. But I'll risk it and just accelerate toward the punchline:

So who will generate these assumptions...then define, debate, systemize, and continually update them? The most compelling and realistic solution I can currently imagine is outlined in great detail immediately following.

Toffler even mentions Huntsville specifically in the game plan, especially in regard to community partnership in this endeavor. But these councils should be everywhere, and they should be driven by students:

Mr. Toffler explicitly maps out the plan in a few short pages; it won't be hard. In fact, it will likely be a lot of fun.

I propose a council of the future, and I literally think we should call it The Council of the Future. 

Who's in? 

-Daniel Whitt


  1. Daniel -- I love this book, love the quotes you shared. Love the idea of a Council of the Future. Also love that it is not called a "committee" -- (because that just wouldn't have the same ooommmppphhh!!) I'm in -- as soon as National Board application is filed!! :)


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