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It doesn't work...yet. 
I'm not ready...yet.
I can't say YES...yet.
I can't say NO...yet.
I don't know how...yet.

I think this word epitomizes a beautiful mindset. It is loaded with possibility. As I've been reading through our conversations in the Forward Team Classroom, about saying YES and NO, a lot of you talked about just saying, "not yet," instead. This simple response speaks to me. 

For a student, "It Doesn't Work Yet" vs. "It's a Failure" represents the same moment in time, yet it is a crucial point. One in which the future pivots. 


Do we give our students space to say "yet," and be proud of it?
Do we allow ourselves?

Yet. Pivot.

FAST FORWARD - Partnerships & Portfolios

Edited by JCHS Junior Christian Arnsparger
Digital Publications teacher Sara Baragona and Library Media Specialist Missy King partner together to guide students through the digital portfolio process

FAST FORWARD - MCS GO: More Than an App

Edited by James Clemens junior, Christian Arnsparger.
Xander Voigt, Central Office intern from Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama, partners with the team at Central Office to create an app that hopes to serve all the stakeholders in the Madison City Schools community. Discussions of the Rigor Relevance Framework (specifically Quad D) as well as the concept of "partnering for real learning" drive the narrative.