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Innovators in education, unite! Madison City Schools has formed a large team of educators from elementary and secondary...and we are collectively called the Forward Team. Here on this blog you will find the thoughts and experiences we hold dear. If it inspires you, perfect. If it makes you a little uncomfortable from time to time, even better! We believe that to move education forward, we're going to have to challenge some long-held, foundational beliefs about the nature of education. Enjoy your time here. I'll start the train with a simple but powerful cycle that we believe is the only way to encourage the #JUMP on a mass scale:
Daniel Whitt
Coordinator of Instructional Technology
Madison City Schools


  1. Just wanted to let you know that there is a new makerspace being created in 5000 sq feet of Lowe Mill's first floor. The group putting it together includes the Mind Gear folks, as well as others and they are interested in our group and our opinion of what would be useful to our students. It sounds like they would like to partner with kids who are old enough to drive over and use the maker space, but if we show an interest in bringing younger kids, I think they would adapt...if you have any input that you would like to share with them, let me know and I'll get you in touch with them directly.

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