Innovation in artistic creation

     On my way home on the afternoon that secondary teachers met at DMS, I heard an inspiring interview with artist Christoph Niemann on NPR's All Things Considered.  Niemann described how he felt confined by his job and the artistic restrictions it imposed on his creativity, and explained that on Sundays he has decided to take seemingly non-inspiring mundane objects from around his house to use as inspiration for creative artistic innovation.  I thought that this spoke directly to the ideas that we kept mentioning throughout the day with the FORWARD team.  I hope to take his ideas to feel liberated to create and innovate within my content and to help my students to feel and do the same.  

     Please take a few minutes to listen to or read the interview, and you can also see Niemann's sunday creations on Instagram at abstractsundayHow Does Christoph Niemann Make Art Look Effortless? With A Lot Of Work. 

Mary Crouch


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