How do you like your coffee?

Ideas are brewing folks.

Melissa is percolating about how to get her kindergarten students to film paper slides to not only create but also connect, partner, and share their ideas and thinking.  Megan is steeping in an idea that her 1st graders can research and showcase how people around the world are more alike than different, especially during times they celebrate family and love. Empathy is the basis for learning. Karen is looking for ways to connect her kids to students outside of the city, state, or even country. Sharon and Laura are showcasing how beautifully diverse our school system is by using Google My Maps and video to give our EL students a voice, let others experience a little bit of their culture, and a chance to connect with each other.

So, I guess...this is me, acting like a French Press and "pressuring" you to let us know what you are brewing. All the caffeine we are producing will energize the entire community! This is how we will accomplish Forward Movement!

Let's hear it!


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