Digital Portfolios: The Whole Child, The Whole Story

We present to you our largest and most important production to date. This film and accompanying Google Drive folder is intended to accelerate the understanding and adoption of digital portfolios. At just under 40 minutes, it is designed to be watched by entire faculties, education majors, and whole classes prior to beginning the process. We ask that you share it anywhere and everywhere. All resources can be found via the link in the description of the video.

FAST FORWARD - Virtual Reality

Bob Jones High School graduate, Fred Williams, brings the wonder and awe of virtual reality to the instructional leaders of Madison City Schools. We are partnered with Fred's company, Light Bulb Education, to design and implement transcendent learning experiences for a more beautiful future.
Shot/edited by Christian Arnsparger.

FAST FORWARD - Think Global, Act Local

Dixie Paschal and a team of students at Rainbow Elementary School in Madison, AL work together to create a new recycling initiative at their school. Although the goal is to create globally minded citizens, the team at Rainbow has chosen to act locally to get in the habit of making an impact.
Shot/edited by Christian Arnsparger.

FAST FORWARD - Speakeasy

Library media specialist, Missy King, and the English department at Discovery Middle School in Madison, Alabama recreate a 1920's-style speakeasy to make the learning as real as possible for these students.

FAST FORWARD - Activating Global Citizens

Rachel Gibbs (@RachelGlass88) at Heritage Elementary School in Madison, AL reveals and explains a long-term project dedicated to activating global citizens in a 5th grade gifted classroom. She and her students elegantly combine the four primary categories of growth of the Forward Team to make an impact on the world: highly meaningful technology integration, global participation, project-based learning, and accomplishment-oriented assessment. The giant misconception in education is that activities of this nature are reserved for gifted classrooms or electives. We can do this every day, everywhere.

Anything You Can Teach, YouTube Can Teach Better: Why Being A Good Teacher Is More Than Just Content

Most of us have heard the song made famous from the Annie Get Your Gun musical. In this cute little number, a man and woman are competing to see who can do a task better than the other.

This is pretty reflective of the world and culture we currently live in. Women and men competing against each other about wage and domestic responsibilities. Athletes competing against other athletes for bragging rights and trophies. Celebrities competing against other celebrities for sold out shows or box office numbers. Students competing against other students for scholarships and highest honors.

Everyone is, seemingly, vying to be number one and in order for that to happen, one must be better than the other. And if that’s going to happen, one must be highly skilled.

Enter YouTube.

YouTube has become the technological Rosetta Stone for anything that needs deciphering, from fixing a garage door to learning a skateboard trick to understanding a religion. YouTube even has something for the couple that’s t…